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Life is what happens to us all. A great subject for songs - songs about life!

With a foundation of music from The Swinging 60s, spiced up with influences from various styles of music, Mr Krax gives you songs about life. Songs about life that pops and rocks with a funky blues twist! Learn more here.

From 2013 Mr Krax is available in the digital market. As of today there are 13 song collections in full length out there and more to come.

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2015 the first song collection in Swedish language was released digitally. When singing in Swedish he calls himself Herr Krax.


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Latest news:

From the vaults of Mr Krax the song collection ”Bunch-o-krax” is the latest release. 

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Bunch ny

The latest song collection with new recordings is called "Zebra Krax".

The single Radio Edit is also available in the digital outlets. Enjoy!


In Krax We Dwell” is one of the earlier song collections compiled in 2007.


This is ”Krax the Schwilly”, released early 2018.


The song collection "The Art of Krax” was the one before! 

The Art


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